We’re at the cutting edge of what we do best – so you can focus on what you do best

Ensuring we provide the best quality physical and virtual IT infrastructure for you and your clients is paramount to us here at Cloud Plus. Our integrated cloud solutions are designed to give you all you need in your digital endeavours. To deliver you the best possible results, it’s vital we continuously upskill our people and stay ahead of trends and changes in the digital world.

Earlier this year, we attended renowned cyber security conference AusCERT. It added to our arsenal of knowledge to help you stay fully protected – and when it comes to learning, we didn’t stop there.

AusNOG 2018 conference

The primary technical conference for network operators in Australia, the AusNOG annual conference has been a sought-after education event since 2007. It’s attended by the country’s top network engineers and is far from a sales conference. There are no marketing presentations even allowed! AusNOG is open to network operators of all different skill levels. It allows conference attendees to share experiences and knowledge through networking and peer to peer support and learning to help improve the future of the IT sector.

Where better to keep in contact with peers and colleagues to share learnings and insights so we can deliver those benefits to you and your clients?

Our team has taken what they learned at AusNOG. We’ve reflected on our progress and look forward to new and innovative approaches. Attending AusNOG helps our team stay knowledgeable and skilled in issues affecting our solutions suite across data, security, hosting, backup and DR, and voice technologies.

In a field that’s changing as much as the digital one, it’s necessary to be continually learning and adapting.

We keep up-to-date, so you don’t have to.

Staying at the cutting edge of cloud technologies and other network innovations is a full-time job. Our commitment to being the best, including attending industry-leading conferences such as AusNOG, means we are well equipped and up-to-date with the ins and outs of network, security and cloud services.

The overarching theme of the major presentations revolved around achieving rapid growth through automated service provisioning and the significant investment in time and effort required to achieve gains at scale. Technologies like IPv6, Network Telemetry, Segment Routing, VXLAN,  EVPN, and 400Gbps standards also featured strongly.

This is only a snapshot of the many valuable things we learnt at AusNOG 2018. They’re important issues to keep on top of. If you don’t have time to research and address these for your clients, don’t stress! Cloud Plus is on the frontlines of the latest industry news and innovations and how it can support your clients. Reach out and ask us more – we’d love to help.

Providing peace of mind

When your clients are entrusting their IT framework to you, we want you to know a Cloud Plus-based solution will provide:

Quality infrastructure and service.

Our product works, and it works reliably. You and your clients can relax and focus on what you need to do without worrying about your IT resources. Our investment in continuing education shows in the standard of our work.

Stability in our offering and progression as new technology surfaces.

We never jump on unresearched bandwagons. We fully investigate and test all new developments before incorporating them into our solutions. Because this is our specialty and focus, we keep our finger on the pulse.

We want you to know you can recommend Cloud Plus to your clients, safe in the assurance you will get a quality, stable solution. If you’d like to know more about what we offer, contact us for a chat. And, if you’re looking for a quality cloud solution, we recommend reaching out to one of the channel partners in our extensive partner network.


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