Staff Plus tailored staffing solutions

Since we set up our office in Manila a number of years back many of our partners have asked us about our experience with this and have wanted to discuss the challenges they’re having with securing staff in Australia to help fuel the needs of their business. So much so that ultimately, we decided to set up our own BPO practice there so that we could provide them with easy access to staff in Manila rather than just talking about it.

As we’re 100% channel focused, we felt that an offering like this would enable us to help our partners maintain and grow their businesses more effectively. Indeed, BPO services seemed to be a powerful addition to our Solution Framework.

So, without further ado, we’re excited to officially announce the launch of ‘Staff Plus’ – tailored staffing solutions designed to meet the business requirements of our partners.

Here’s what you can expect with Staff Plus:

An Australian owned and operated solution

Savings of well over 50% vs what you might expect in Australia

Rapid and streamlined recruitment of staff with no placement fees

Enthusiastic and highly skilled staff covering a wide range of business functions

Clear, transparent pricing (flat monthly AUD fee with no hidden costs)

Staff located in a similar time zone and in close proximity to Australia

The ability to visit and work with your staff in Manila as required

Local management oversight

Staff Plus takes all the headaches out of hiring staff in Manila and makes it simple. We take point on recruitment and provide office space, tools of trade, Internet access etc as part of the service. And our partners don’t have to stress about local labour laws, regulations and taxes as we take care of that. We also provide local management oversight to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

However most importantly, the quality of our offices, the facilities we provide and the culture we foster is in keeping with what our partners have in Australia so the staff we provide are a natural extension of their business.

“The trusted engagement with Cloud Plus has been professional from the start. From the initial sourcing of candidates, through the interview and placement process, and further supported by ongoing human talent management, our partnership with Cloud Plus continues to grow from strength to strength.” Matt Kaplan, Head of Managed Services.

We are also constantly looking for ways to improve our offering not just for partners, but for our BPO staff as well. We have leased additional space in our building specifically for BPO staff and we’re already talking to building management about additional space for expansion following our recent influx of staff.

We’ve also signed the lease for a gym space and will start fitting this out shortly. The gym will be available to both Cloud Plus and BPO staff. As it’s within the building, they can use the gym before/after work or during breaks regardless of their shift roster, without unnecessary travel time or safety concerns associated with using an external gym. There is no doubt this will be a major draw-card for BPO staff and will help with attracting and retaining good talent.

For more information on how Staff Plus tailored staffing solutions can help you scale your business, improve profitability and increase workforce flexibility, download our Staff Plus brochure, and contact us if you are interested in finding out more!

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