PBX, contact centre and voice carriage services are more important than ever. However in discussions with partners and clients we found that they were wanting to eliminate CAPEX and move to a subscription-based model, increase fault-tolerance and improve their disaster recovery options without it costing a fortune, and generally improve flexibility. So we developed Managed UCC Professional and Managed UCC Enterprise offerings to suit diverse feature needs and budgets of partners and clients, both offerings run on VMWare. As such, clients benefit from features such as VMware HA (High Availability) and vMotion to move the system between VMware hosts during maintenance without downtime. And we’ve bundled in SIP voice carriage, which is delivered direct to each solution instance in the datacentre to help ensure crystal-clear call quality and eliminate the potential for drop-outs.



Managed UCC (Unified Communication and Collaboration) Lite is an entry-level, cloud-based IP voice solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses with a small number of users. The solution is built on a leading-edge, centrally-managed IP communications platform, and although it is hosted on a multi-tenanted system, each client has a dedicated SIP trunk and number range and is also entitled to a dedicated IVR for handling inbound calls. It offers a compelling proposition for small businesses given the quality of the solution, feature set, and low price.



Cloud Plus Managed UCC Professional is a highly reliable, feature rich, yet cost-effective IP PBX and Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) platform.  It is an ideal option for clients looking to replace legacy key system or PBX platforms and also for large clients requiring a relatively low cost per user that don’t require the additional features available with Managed UCC Enterprise.  Part of our Cloud Solution Framework, Managed UCC Professional is designed to work seamlessly with our other services.  As such, clients benefit from a comprehensive and tightly integrated solution offering enhanced reliability and none of the finger-pointing that occurs when dealing with multiple suppliers.  Clients buying Managed UCC Professional can rest assured that it is covered by our 100% Uptime Guarantee backed by rebates.  And like all of our services, partners and clients can expect 100% Committed support.



Cloud Plus Managed UCC Enterprise is an extremely robust IP PBX and Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) platform with a very deep feature-set based on Mitel MiVoice Business. It is designed to meet the needs of clients from 10 to 130,000 users in a single-site solution, or a multi-site solution that spans the globe.  The ability to use a variety of interfaces (handset, desktop, mobile and web) coupled with features like Dynamic Extension (simultaneous ring on up to 8 devices), Hot Desking (ability to log onto any designated handset) and Unified Messaging provides an enviable level of mobility and time savings through enhanced workforce efficiency.  Residing on Cloud Plus Virtual Datacentre it benefits from VMware High Availability (HA) by default and Cloud Plus can design a solution that spans multiple Cloud Plus datacentres for enhanced fault tolerance as required.



Cloud Plus Managed Contact Center Enterprise is a fully-featured multimedia contact centre platform that integrates seamlessly with Managed UCC. Based on Mitel MiContact Center, it includes intelligent speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routing that can be customised to suit the needs of the most demanding clients, ability to handle communication across a variety of contact channels (e.g. voice, email, chat, SMS, social and 3rd party media), outbound dialling and messaging, and integration with Salesforce and other major Customer Relationships Management (CRM) platforms.  Managed Contact Centre resides alongside Managed UCC on Cloud Plus Virtual Datacentre and also benefits from VMware High Availability (HA) by default with the potential for enhanced fault tolerance options as required.



Cloud Plus IP Voice is a business-grade SIP trunk service that is delivered either in conjunction with Managed UCC / Managed Contact Centre or direct to a Partner / Client managed system over the Cloud Plus Network.  Typically sold per-channel, it includes unlimited 13/1300, local, national and mobile calls within Australia and tends to deliver substantial savings to clients that have historically paid for PSTN and ISDN lines along with usage-based fees for their calls.  Fault-tolerant solutions are possible by delivering trunks from different Cloud Plus datacentres with either active/active or active/passive call routing.

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