At Cloud Plus, we carefully tailor outsourcing solutions to meet the business requirements of our Partners/Clients. You can expect the benefits of a service leveraging the learnings from what our multi-award winning business has discovered work best. All roles and services are thoroughly tailored according to our clients’ needs.



We added tailored staffing solutions to our Cloud Solution Framework thanks to its success with our Partners/Clients. We recruit cost-effective yet highly-motivated and experienced staff and provide them with an attractive and comfortable working environment to help them perform at their best. Australian owned and operated, you get access to enthusiastic, skilled, and motivated staff, which can save well over 50% on staff costs. Our staffing solution is billed monthly in AUD with no hidden costs, and it includes all salary costs, office space, utilities, Internet access and tools of the trade (PC, headset, etc). Among other benefits, there are familiar time zone and a wide range of functions and skills (IT helpdesk, Customer Service and Sales, General Admin, HR and Payroll, Book Keeping and Accounting, Content Management).

All of our staff are working in spacious, comfortable modern offices that are accessible from the train station and major shopping malls in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. They are provided with a well-appointed gym, showers, a fully equipped kitchen, game rooms, and access to several conference rooms for quiet work or meetings. Our office spaces are specially designed to accommodate 24/7 operations where separate sleeping quarters are allocated to help support workers working in shifting hours. We are proud to support our team’s education as well as their leisure activities through regular team-building activities. Lastly, we pay our employees with competitive market rates and ensure that they are well looked after, evidenced by our low employee churn rate.


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