Virtual Server

Cloud Plus owns and operates its own best-in-class virtual hosting platforms in leading data centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane powered by VMware vSphere. This includes high-capacity hosts, software-defined storage with RAM and SSD acceleration, redundancy via VMware High Availability (HA) and load distribution via VMware Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS). Situated adjacent to the core of Cloud Plus’ Next-Generation MPLS Network and Managed Security Fabric, servers hosted on Cloud Plus Virtual Server benefit from secure connectivity to Cloud Plus Private IP Networks and the Internet at speeds of up to 10Gbps backed by a 100% up time guarantee.

Virtual Data Centre

With the Cloud Plus Virtual Server platform as its foundation, Cloud Plus Virtual Datacentre leverages VMware vCloud Director to facilitate highly scalable Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC) services. Cloud Plus provisions a Virtual Datacentre (VDC) for each client with the required resources (RAM, CPU and Storage) and can provide assistance with provisioning and migration of VM’s from on-premise infrastructure or other hosted cloud platforms as required. Once a VDC is established the web interface offers self-service functionality enabling clients and/or partners to perform adds/moves/changes and to access the console of the VM’s for maintenance as required.