Data network services are a critical part of our comprehensive solution framework. By delivering high-quality data network services as part of the solution for each client Cloud Plus is able to ensure that other services running over the network will operate as they should. A Cloud Plus Channel Account Executive and/or Solutions Engineer will assist with selecting the right services for each site as well as considering fault-tolerance and any requirements for IP QoS. By integrating the network into the overall design and offering a single point of support, Cloud Plus is able to ensure that there aren’t any of the typical ‘finger-pointing’ issues that can arise when buying network services from one service provider and services like security, hosting and phone systems / VoIP from others.



Cloud Plus operates its own Next Generation Network and interconnects with all of major carriers in Australia for ‘last-mile’ access.  This enables us to deliver the best available last-mile access services for each client-site so that Cloud Plus can be confident of carrying the required services.  Working with a Cloud Plus Channel Account Executive and/or Solutions Engineer, partners and clients are able to select the access services that best suit the requirements at each location.  Options include ADSL, SHDSL, NBN, Ethernet (Copper, Wireless & Fibre), Wavelength and Dark Fibre services for clients with very demanding requirements.  For business-critical sites, Cloud Plus recommends a pair of access services, preferably via different carriers and using different technologies, with Cloud Plus Access Protection enabled to facilitate automatic failover if the primary access service or router should fail.  And IP QoS can be enabled as necessary to ensure that demanding applications like hosted desktops, business critical applications, voice and video get the bandwidth they need.



Cloud Plus has interconnects with multiple major (Tier-1) Internet backbone providers and maintains connections to a number of major peering fabrics.  This ensures that Cloud Plus is able to deliver the highest levels of availability, excellent performance and the best available routes.  Most Cloud Plus clients access the Internet via Cloud Plus Managed Firewall, which helps to ensure that their network is appropriately protected against modern-day cyber threats.  However where appropriate, Cloud Plus also delivers Internet connectivity direct to colocation space at Cloud Plus datacentre locations, to Cloud Plus Virtual Server / Virtual Datacentre or via a last-mile access service to a given client-site.

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