Data network services are a critical part of our comprehensive solution framework. By delivering high-quality data network services as part of the solution for each client Cloud Plus is able to ensure that other services running over the network will operate as they should. A Cloud Plus Channel Account Executive and/or Solutions Engineer will assist with selecting the right services for each site as well as considering fault-tolerance and any requirements for IP QoS. By integrating the network into the overall design and offering a single point of support, Cloud Plus is able to ensure that there aren’t any of the typical ‘finger-pointing’ issues that can arise when buying network services from one service provider and services like security, hosting and phone systems / VoIP from others.



Given the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, security is now of paramount importance. Furthermore, beyond the direct impact relating to a security breach, it is important to consider the new mandatory data breach requirements and the fact that ASIC has signalled that there will be increased scrutiny in relation to cyber resilience. Security is tightly integrated into the fabric of the Cloud Plus solution framework. This includes our award-winning Managed Firewall service, our Email Security service, our Sandbox service to assist with shielding clients against zero-day attacks and the inclusion of Trend Micro Deep Security for agentless anti-virus, which is an option within our Virtual Server and Virtual Datacentre services.



Cloud Plus offers a portfolio of hosting services that cater to the vast majority of requirements for clients of all sizes and industry segments. This includes Hosted Exchange, Hosted Desktop, Virtual Server, Virtual Datacentre and Colocation. Working with a Cloud Plus Channel Account Executive and/or Solutions Engineer, partners and clients are able to select the options that best suit their business needs. Our hosted services offer partners and clients the ability to avoid CAPEX costs in favour of a monthly subscription with the confidence of knowing that their data will reside on industry-leading platforms hosted in world-class datacentre facilities. And partners and clients requiring colocation can select from leading datacentres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and Cloud Plus will assist with ensuring that these services are seamlessly integrated into the overall solution.



Backup and Disaster Recovery are critical to ensuring business continuity in the digital age, however the growing prominence of ransomware is making them all the more important. Ransomware threats are evolving constantly and the use of zero-day exploits and other detection avoidance techniques is making it much more difficult to detect and protect against them. Cloud Plus offers services to enable backup and replication of virtual machines hosted with Cloud Plus and also remote workstations and servers, including those hosted on third-party public cloud infrastructure. And given the breadth of our solution framework we are well equipped to help partners and client create a complete disaster recovery solution to streamline the recovery process in the event of a disaster.



PBX, contact centre and voice carriage services are more important than ever. However in discussions with partners and clients we found that they were wanting to eliminate CAPEX and move to a subscription-based model, increase fault-tolerance and improve their disaster recovery options without it costing a fortune, and generally improve flexibility. So we developed Managed UCC Professional and Managed UCC Enterprise offerings to suit diverse feature needs and budgets of partners and clients, both offerings run on VMWare. As such, clients benefit from features such as VMware HA (High Availability) and vMotion to move the system between VMware hosts during maintenance without downtime. And we’ve bundled in SIP voice carriage, which is delivered direct to each solution instance in the datacentre to help ensure crystal-clear call quality and eliminate the potential for drop-outs.



At Cloud Plus, we carefully tailor outsourcing solutions to meet the business requirements of our Partners/Clients. You can expect the benefits of a service leveraging the learnings from what our multi-award winning business has discovered work best. All roles and services are thoroughly tailored according to our clients’ needs.


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