Highlights from CloudPlus partner roadshow

In March, we ran our Partner Roadshow with events held in an awesome trio of venues in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  This was an opportunity for us to meet with  Partners, update them on what we’ve been doing over the last year, brief them about what we have planned in the year ahead and get valuable input and feedback from them.  The title for our Partner Roadshow was “Thriving not just surviving in turbulent times” as it was focused around major changes happening in the ICT industry.  This includes the emergence of technologies like NBN, 5G and SD-WAN, challenges finding critical resources required for transition and growth, and other major trends that Partners are being confronted with in these turbulent times.

Speakers from Cloud Plus, Juniper Networks, Western Digital and Insentra gave excellent presentations on the changes that are occuring and how partners can leverage these changes to best advantage, rather than seeing them simply as a risk or challenge to their business.  Across a wide range of topics the speakers explained how partners can pivot and grow.  You can download their presentatsions here – *CloudPlus*, *Insentra*, *Juniper Networks* and *Western Digital.*

Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics) and Simon Sharwood (CRN Australia) were entertaining and engaging in their role as MC and panel hosts.  Both provided unique insights into the challenges that partners in the ICT channel are facing at present.

Of course these events would not have been such a great success if it handn’t been for all the partners and prospective partners that attended.  Thank you for joining us, providing valuable feedback and sharing your thoughts candidly over a few drinks.  We are here to support the channel and we are listening.  Cloud Plus aims to be the partner of choice for the ICT channel as you adapt and excel!

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