Cloud Plus Partner Roadshow

We are about to hit the road to update Partners about what we’ve been doing over the last year and currently have on the slate to ensure that they’re well equipped to handle the many changes that are occurring in ICT at present. This year’s Cloud Plus Partner Roadshow, aptly titled “Thriving not just surviving in turbulent times”, will be held in Brisbane on 13th March, Sydney on 14th March and Melbourne on 21st March.

A major surge of changes in ICT has meant that Partners are having to rapidly adapt and transform their businesses in order to remain relevant and ultimately viable. NBN is here and 5G is coming, SD-WAN is what every client wants even if they don’t know what it is, cloud is the new normal, security is still critical but increasingly more complex, and skilled labour in ICT is in short supply in Australia. Partners that adapt to these changes effectively will see rapid growth. Those that don’t will have difficult times ahead.

We have organised an impressive line-up of speakers from Cloud Plus, Juniper Networks, Western Digital and Insentra to help our partners understand some of the current challenges and trends and work out how best to proceed. And there are few people who understand the channel in Australia quite like our MC’s for these events, Cam Wayland from Channel Dynamics (BNE and MEL) and Simon Sharwood from CRN Australia (SYD).

If you haven’t received an invite and are keen to attend, please email and we’ll make sure that you get one. Also please note that you don’t have to be a current partner to attend. If you have an ICT business and could do with some support please feel free to reach out.

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